WELCOME from our CEO

Esteem Multi-Academy Trust currently comprises of eleven academies throughout Derbyshire, Derby City and east Staffordshire.  Formed by a group of like-minded school leaders in August 2018, the MAT is currently responsible for the education and care of approximately 1,200 students and employs around 750 staff. The total revenue budget for the MAT is approximately £23 million and plans are in place to expand further.


Esteem Multi-Academy Trust has grown from seven to 11 academies within the first 18 months and now includes 1 mainstream academy (with an enhanced resource provision), 7 special and 3 alternative provision (PRU) academies. We wish to grow further to fulfil our vision to become a centre of excellence for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and alternative provision.  We have a well-defined set of values and a clear vision for the MAT to become a hub for expertise in SEND and inclusion.  We share a collaborative ethos, believing that our collective efforts will achieve a better outcome than we can as individual schools.  Our academies focus on the holistic needs of the young person, due to students’ vulnerabilities. So ‘joined-up thinking’, between our academies and different agencies, is essential to deliver the right support for our students.


The MAT’s main aims are to:


  • Work collaboratively and strategically to secure high-quality education for all young people in our academies;

  • Deliver a skills-based curriculum that is tailored to individual needs and the specific requirements of students attending our academies;

  • Create economies of scale through commissioning services and purchasing resources;

  • Share expertise, best practice and resources to ensure high standards and value for money;

  • Exploit fully opportunities for collaborative, continual professional development.


As a group of academies working together, we can share and deliver better practice.  We will be able to commission health, care and therapy services in a fully ‘joined-up’ way.

The formation of the MAT will deepen collaboration between our academies. As a sponsor MAT, we will also extend this work to supporting under-performing schools.  


Academies in the MAT will have more opportunities for staff training, working together to share practice and career development. They will be challenged through the ‘critical friend’ relationship underpinning school improvement support. Academies judged as good/outstanding and self-supporting will have more autonomy and have greater responsibility for their own school improvement than academies judged as less than good. These latter academies will receive structured and direct support from the MAT to improve their performance. MAT leaders will be ultimately responsible for ensuring such academies are effectively supported.

Julian Scholefield

Chief Executive Officer